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Letter: Writing on Behalf of the Environment – A Call to Fellow Students

Dear fellow students, I am an English major in my final year. I am writing a series of letters about environmental concerns to corporations and members of government, and I am writing to you to ask for help in creating... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Editor: Girl, You Better Step It Up

By: Nick Scott When I saw the Cadre article on the “2018 UPEISU ELECTION PROFILES” I was excited to read it. While I’m familiar with most of the candidates, being out of the country for the whole semester, I haven’t... Continue Reading →


Profiles on each executive candidate, with panelist endorsements!

Opinion: Can Sports and Politics Be Kept Separate?

By: Allison O'Brien This Sunday, the New England Patriots will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the 52nd Superbowl. Americans across the country will be gathering in their living rooms to eat cheesy foods and their... Continue Reading →

Letter: Life Gives you Lemons; Meal Hall Doesn’t

Growing up, I was always preached to about eating the daily intake of fresh fruits that was prescribed to me not only by Canada’s Food Guide but also by my parents. They told me tall tales of princesses who gained... Continue Reading →

Letter: Marijuana Sales Should Not Go To Ottawa

By: Samuel Midkiff When Ottawa announced that they were planning to legalize marijuana, they initially planned to split the tax revenue 50-50 between the federal and provincial governments. They have since offered a greater revenue share to the provinces, but... Continue Reading →

“What the @$&! is going on at the SU?”

This is the question I asked myself as I watched a room of 30 people basically rubber stamp the financials of a student organization. Each year the Union executives present audited financial statements to Council. Last year, Council spent more... Continue Reading →

Check Your Facts, Fam

On December 11th, The Cadre published “Letter to the Editor: Just the Facts, Ma’am.” The authors, Kathleen Mawhinney and Sarah MacDonald, identified their perceived issues with The Cadre’s 2017-2018 executive report cards and requested they be retracted. The Cadre will... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Editor: Just the Facts, Ma’am

Recently UPEI’s student newspaper The Cadre released report cards evaluating the individual performances of the UPEISU Executive team. The Cadre intended these report cards to provide transparent feedback to the student body about the job performance of those we voted... Continue Reading →

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